Merit Awards And Market Research

Merit Awards and Market Research (MAMR) is one of the largest independent marketing research agency. We specialize in strategic consulting assignment and business tactical research for big as well as small corporations.

Apart from this, every year we research and nominate the India’s Most Prominent Awards for Health Care, Dental, Business and Education. We privilege these prospects after full research on the ability to drive innovation, inspiring stories and remarkable results.

MAMR methodologies include in-depth interviews, victorious planning and systematic research. Our qualitative and quantitative research process gives you an up-to-date marketing solutions that make markets function better and boost your business presence. We have a team of creative marketing researchers who have more than 20+ experience in the marketing field. They assist you to filter search parameters, pinpoint the range of available reports, review scope and then make decision to select the best marketing equipment.

Our services include brand management, brand recognition, brand promotion, market research, data analysis, public research management, digital marketing and consulting services.

Our main goal is to discover an advanced alternative solution to make research more cost effective and result oriented for our clients. We assist to co-ordinate between market decision makers and the market.

What Qualities Makes Us Unique?
  • In-house researchers who offers end to end service
  • Work on new techniques including social analysis, text analytics and mobile engagement
  • Top level analysis for marketing research and opportunity
  • On time delivery of a successful business plan and marketing solutions
How We Works
How MAMR Prepare Marketing Report?

We follow the noteworthy organized steps to research and create the reports for our clients. First, we hear our client needs and then frame the important marketing techniques for them.

We collect the feedback through survey to understand the effectiveness of branding and make the marketing process more relevant. Our marketing report consists of competitive analysis, marketing trends and flexible solutions.

We never work on estimated figures and hence, we work after a complete marketing survey. Our dedicated team conducts a poll to know the interest area of the audience, do surveys on the specific bases and then evaluate the result.

On report, we focus on advanced marketing technologies & applications, business opportunities and different marketers behaviors. With this, we provide insights on marketing channels such as email, social share and digital advertising.